Sauna / Steam Room

Covid19 Update:

** Currently our Sauna, Steam Room, Sun Bed and Showers are out of use for your safety. **

All Alive and Well memberships include free access to the wet area within the Club

The Sauna provides many benefits in the form of dry heat and low humidity. Dry heat causes the body temparture to increase which ultimately improves blood circulation and soothes and relaxes tired muscles.

Steam Room
The benefits associated with a steam room have been realised for thousands of years. Wet heat opens the pores of your skin, aiding detoxification, and the heat and humidity brings health benefits aiding stress relief, body cleansing and sooths aching muscles.

Natural tanning has the allure of helping us to look good and feel good, and provides natural protection from the sun before a holiday. Look healthy and radiant all year round, regardless of the weather with Alive & Well’s Solarium.