Each member of Alive & Well will receive a personalised fitness programme to be undertaken in the fitness area.

The excercise programmes are all accessed via a TechnoGym key, that contains all of your personal information and the exact details of your workout regime. Your workout data is recorded onto the key at each and every machine you use, enabling you to closely monitor your fitness progress.

Within Alive & Well’s fitness area, you will find the very latest, high-tech fitness equipment that enables you to monitor and record your improvements automatically.

Cardiovascular Area

Cardio Vascular exercise works the body’s heart and lungs to enable calorie burn either for weight loss or improved health and fitness levels. Contained within our Cardio Vascular area, you will find treadmills, cross trainers, steppers, rowers, recumbent bikes and arm bikes. You can even watch or listen to your favorite free view programmes or radio staions through our Cardio Theatre System.

Resistance Area

It is a scientifically proven fact that resistance training helps the body to burn more calories, and our Resistance Area provides the perfect combination of the latest weight machines, free weights and pulley-weight systems to help you achieve your goals.

Spinning Area

Our spinning area consists of indoor cycling in order to provide our members with high-intensity, high burn Cardio Vascular workouts. You can choose from beginner, intermediate or advanced classes of 30 and 60 minutes respectively. Good music, good workout but above all good fun!